Greg Pincelli, PE

Mr. Pincelli brings a wide variety of quality environmental experience to Pincelli Consulting.  Mr. Pincelli has successfully managed projects as an environmental consultant in various environmental fields. Mr. Pincelli possesses practical experience in the industrial sector, spending nearly four years employed as the facility environmental engineer at a major US iron foundry.  Mr. Pincelli is currently a licensed professional engineer in the State of Florida.  Project management responsibilities have included:

  • Ground water, soil, and site remediation at a former oil refinery involving raw product at the water/soil interface zone.

  • Mr. Pincelli is a former storm water and compliance regulator, with additional duties relating to sediment and erosion controls in the State of Florida.

  • SARA Superfund site monitoring, sampling, and reporting at a variety of sites.

  • Asbestos management and remediation of numerous types of structures while licensed in the State of Ohio.

  • Asbestos sampling, planning, and management of five automotive production facilities in Ohio with sizes of up to 2.5 million square feet.

  • Storm water system maintenance, re-design, and field supervision at a high school in south central Florida.

  • Industrial and manufacturing compliance permitting and reporting with emphasis on air emissions reporting and permitting, hazardous waste biennial reporting for LQGs, Department of Homeland Security TopScreen reporting, Toxic Release Inventory, EPCRA Tier II, storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPP), spill procedures, controls, and countermeasures (SPCC) plans, containment integrity plans (CIP)

  • A multitude of different project remediation strategies for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Petroleum Restoration Program.

  • Former Board of County Commisioners Waste & Recycling Division Engineering Manager for Polk County Florida. Managing permitting, operations and maintenance, and technical staff to ensure environmental compliance at Polk County's municipal landfills.

  • Formerly appointed as the County Recycling Coordinator for Polk County, Florida. 

Mr. Pincelli has spent several years of his career providing quality field services to a wide range of clients.  He is a hands-on project manager with a client service manager mindset. He has built quality, long-lasting relationships with regulators, vendors, and clients throughout his career. His professional goals match that of the Pincelli Environmental Consulting business model to go far beyond what a client expects from their trusted consultant.




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